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Star Storage is a global technology provider developing and delivering state-of-the-art information protection and management solutions for top private and public organizations. With more than 19 years of experience, own Intellectual Property and a portfolio of over 500 customers on 4 continents, with strong expertise in top industries such as banking, insurance, telecom, manufacturing, utilities and public administration, the company plays a key role in the digital transformation, mobile and cloud journey of any size organization.
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Our products

With many years experience in investments in own Intellectual Property Star Storage offers one of the most complete portfolio of own software products in the field of information protection and management.
Unified Information Governance, Archiving and Records Management

Connect, capture, index, share and securely manage your entire electronic archive while maintaining compliance.

At a fraction of the cost usually paid for classical ECM systems, SEAL is an enterprise information archiving system that enables you to capture, transform, index and securely manage your entire electronic archive, while still maintaining the necessary compliance and governance toolsets.

Intelligent Document Capture and Processing

Take your digital transformation initiatives to the next level.

Application Aware Content Migration

Content and metadata migration out of multiple systems to HCP.

Digital, Mobile & Connected Healthcare

A healthcare hub for better services and a better life.

A solution for electronic medical records management and patient engagement, offering a better way to enable doctors and other medical services provider’s staff to interact with patients in a secure and friendly environment.

Multi-Channel Platform for Document and Data Capture & Customer Engagement

Completely change the way you interact with your customers, rediscover your sales force mobility and get more contracts rolling.

a multi-channel platform for document and data capture & customer engagement and an innovative solution, aligned with current trends of digital transformation and mobility adopted by top companies around the world.

Star Documentum Connector for HCP

Connecting Legacy ECMs with top Object Storage Platform.

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Digital Transformation and Paperless Operations with SEAL and StarCapture
Centers Star Storage  
We continuously invest in the newest technologies and resources
All of this is available for our customers through our specialized resource centers.

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ZERO-DISTANCE Business with StarCapture Anywhere
Given the general context generated by the spread of the COVID-19 virus, as a global provider of IT solutions and services for digital interactions, we provide FREE OF CHARGE throughout the entire duration of the Coronavirus crisis, StarCapture Anywhere, our next-generation digital, multi-channel, customers and partners engagement platform.

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Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

ZERO-DISTANCE Business with
StarCapture Anywhere!

ZERO-DISTANCE Business with
StarCapture Anywhere