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What is enterprise cloud?

StarVault Enterprise Cloud is the virtualized environment dedicated to companies that migrates their IT system to a private cloud as a service. Service delivers the same accessibility, security and flexibility as a traditional system, adding cloud scalability and high availability of Star Storage Tier 3 Data Center.

Service address clients that want to control hardware resources allocation without wasting time on hardware infrastructure administration and operation.


Enterprise Cloud is fit for your company because:

  • Hardware resources are dedicated on a fully redundant platform with 99.9% availability;
  • From administration interface, easily cloud be created new servers, added/disabled new resources and actively monitor load parameters;
  • Data is stored on a protected isolated environment (they don't leave Star Storage Data Center from Bucharest, Romania);
  • Microsoft Windows Server licensees are included in service, without limiting servers number.


Star Storage will provide resources for virtual platform on equipment installed in Star Storage Data Center in Bucharest. Virtualized platform operates in a private cloud environment, therefore hardware resources are dedicated. Platform is designed for maximum availability, scalability and performance, so all systems are duplicated and interconnected in order to avoid dependence on a single element (single point of failure).


Hardware architecture uses multiple servers (nodes) in cluster configuration, in order to provide protection in case of the event of hardware failure (High Availability). If one server fails, resources from reserved pool are automatically allocated so system operation is not interrupted and performance is not affected. Data is stored in network storage devices (SAN), equipment with disk-level protection and redundant communication interfaces (data access is done through multiple redundant FC interfaces).


The entire platform is installed in dedicated racks, connected to two independent power supply lines, completely redundant, with seismic protection systems. For high availability, power supply, air temperature, humidity control and physical monitoring of the enclosure is monitored continuously. Room cooling is provided by redundant equipment, sized to cover the maximum usage of the data center facility.


The client will use resources available on Microsoft technology for virtual platform (Hyper-V). With the management interface (Microsoft Azure Pack) it can be configured new servers, existing servers can be switched off or on and allocated resources (CPU, RAM, storage space) parameters cloud be modified. Same interface is used for configuration of each server attached storage volumes, private or public network configurations and access rights on resources. Utilization of hardware resources can be monitored in real-time reports available.


Access to data communication services (Internet, VPN, leased lines) is provided through custom defined dedicated service, configured in relation to performance and expected business continuity objectives.


The platform is provisioned on demand and access credentials will be received on email from management interface.


  • Azure Pack management interface;
  • Processing power with guaranteed allocated resources (CPU / RAM);
  • Protected storage capacity allocated on enterprise equipment (SAN);
  • Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization technology;
  • Hardware resiliency to failures;
  • Virtualized platform active protection;
  • Automatic workload balancing between virtual machines;
  • Asynchronous replication with secondary disaster recovery location;
  • Dedicated data communications services.

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Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

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