Digital Transformation and Paperless Operations

Allianz - standardized documents management in order to fulfill regulatory requirements

Allianz offers a comprehensive range of insurance and asset management products and services to 78 million customers in more than 70 countries. Allianz Insurance offers a product portfolio including a wide range of Property-Casualty and Life/Health insurance products for both private and corporate customers.

Allianz Insurance Romania was searching a solution for standardized documents management in order to fulfill regulatory requirements and business needs.

A unified documents repository system was necessary to increase information retrieval while providing integration with the core business applications managing the customer files generated across 180 distributed branches. Also a new front-end electronic insurance policy issuing mechanism was intended.

Everything you need to know

  • No standardized procedures and no centralized registration processes;
  • Over 50% of documents not registered correctly or not registered at all;
  • Lack of traceability and loss of documents due to faulty paper handling;
  • Lack of space in offices (large amounts of documents stored in offices);
  • Long retrieval time for physical documents;
  • Unprotected confidential information;
  • Significant multiplication, transfer and paper management costs;
  • Long processing times and insurance policy issuing times for agents;
  • Generate insurance policies in PDF format, biometrically.

The solution built on SEAL and StarCapture paved the way for paperless operations in the area of ​​customer interaction, allowing the issuance and electronic signing of insurance policies.

In addition, the adoption of a unified organization-wide system for recording entry/exit documents has significantly contributed to increasing operational efficiency.

Through a clear workflow for the digitization of the physical archive, the continuation of the digital transformation process is ensured. In addition, the solution for electronic archiving and unified management of all business records allowed the company to manage documents in a single electronic content repository and securely display the data of all users and business applications, without losing sight of information governance and compliance with internal rules and legal regulations.

  • Complete traceability on the business processes associated with the insurance policies;
  • Increased operational efficiency and improved quality and speed for business decisions;
  • A higher level of compliance with internal and external regulations;
  • Reduced risks of exposing confidential data through secure access to clearly defined documents through security policies and user groups;
  • Better efficiency through simultaneous access to documents;
  • Cost-cutting when issuing insurance policies leveraging paperless processes;
  • Higher revenues by significantly reducing the duration of policy issuance;
  • Reduced burden on databases associated with core business applications;
  • Safe and permanent access to the complete history of business records to reduce operational risks and mitigate the exposure of the company;
  • A quick overview of all customer documents based on a unified organization-wide content repository.

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