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Zero Paper Healthcare in France – a new Success Story

The customer is a private organization from France who offers a specialist medical consultation to patients with an intellectual disorder of genetic origin from cradle to grave.

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Today, most hospitals in the EU use electronic medical record (EMR) solutions to consolidate patient data. New data, gathered via applications, are electronic, but the vast majority of historical patient data is paper-based.


This was the situation at our customer, where dedicated archiving teams had to sift through mountains of paper records to process historical patient data. Delays to processing could result in patient appointments being postponed as clinicians didn’t have access to the information they needed. As healthcare organizations are monitored by the national health authority, the Customer risked slipping down the rankings for quality of care amid fierce competition between hospitals.


To manage patient data more securely and efficiently, the medical institute decided to digitize its paper-based records and implement an accompanying archiving solution. Lacking the internal resources to manage such a large-scale digitization and archiving project, the institute turned to GHPSJ for support.

Due to a very strong and successful partnership with Hitachi Data Systems we have delivered a complete end-to-end solution consisting of SEAL, HDS UCP (Unified Computing Platform), HCP (Hitachi Content Platform), HDI and HCP Anywhere in order to help the customer to:

  • digitise on daily basis patient records, making the entire care process more secure, precise and efficient;
  • digitise and archive more than 2,000 existing patient folders.


As a result, clinicians are now able to access both active and archived medical data (unstructured content) very quickly and easily.

SEAL is an integrated system working on 3 directions, as an:

  • Enterprise Unified Archive and Content Repository (allows storing, searching and retrieving, navigation and security, viewing, sharing, classification, flexible metadata features);
  • Enterprise Records Management System (retention management, file plan, controlled disposal and updates, advanced audit);
  • End-to-end system for Hybrid Archives Management (unified management of physical and electronic archives).


At a fraction of a cost usually payed for classical ECM system, SEAL is an enterprise information archiving system that enables to capture, transform, index and securely manage your entire electronic archive, while still maintaining the necessary compliance and governance tool sets.

  • Increased efficiency – transforming paper based processes into paperless and all archived in a unique centralized solution;
  • Money savings - decommissioning legacy DMS/ECM;
  • One integrated solution – all documents and medical records archived, anytime without losing governance control over the content;
  • Free IT resources – all users are able to use it (on secure rights) without the need for specialized IT personnel;
  • Company exposure reduced by mitigated risks with a legal, regulatory and industry compliance electronic archive.

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