Humanity is more than your own circle (family, friends and professional contacts). Taking care of each other, people we don’t know, should be part of our agenda these days.

Helping the authorities fighting with Coronavirus

In light of the COVID-19 situation currently evolving, the health and safety of our people is a primary concern. We are relieved and thankful that there are no known cases amongst our staff to date and we have been taking several actions in order to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus (health, economic and social).

But humanity is more than your own circle (family, friends and professional contacts). Taking care of each other, people we don’t know, should be part of our agenda these days.

By considering the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, we thought that one of our solution, STATUS, could help state authorities involved in the pandemic monitoring and control with some out of the box features (it is all about time) that present a good fit with the pandemic control use case.

An application like STATUS could be useful considering the exponential increase of the number of people infected/suspected/monitored – in this scenario the normal hospital’s workflows and channels will be overloaded.


Thereby, we invite all the government and local authorities around the world to use STATUS at NO COST, if they believe there is a value-added in the fight against coronavirus.


What is STATUS?

STATUS is the best solution for patient – doctor’s relationship management centered on patient virtual medical file. Moreover, health service providers and insurance companies, which strive to continuously improve their services and increase customer base, are already using STATUS as a state of the art solutions for maintaining the mobility and accessibility of medical information.


  • Doctors and patients hub. Redefining the way healthcare providers work, collaborate on medical records and connect with their patients;
  • Digital healthcare. Designed to help your healthcare business to be successful in a changing digital healthcare world, to treat more patients, get reimbursed faster and stay ahead of change;
  • Electronic Medical Records governance and long-term preservation. A safe and secure location for storing medical data with excellent capabilities for long-term medical information storage (retention, digital shredding);
  • Connected healthcare. Patients are able to get lab results, medical images, visit records and prescription history from a growing list of health applications, imaging and labs devices and pharmacies apps;
  • Patient – centric healthcare. Quick and user friendly access to patients medical files and history, including family history components, both for patients and doctors;
  • Mobile healthcare, from Cloud. Powerful cloud-based technologies, on premises installation option and world-class services built to scale – on your desktop, tablet, and smartphone.


Some potential use cases:


1. Reporting possible infection with COVID-19 (as an alternative channel for telephone reporting)

The person who considers that is suspected of infections, as an alternative of the traditional reporting channel (the phone) will have the option to go to an online web address (Ministry of Health, etc.), to click on a button “Register possible infection” COVID- 19). There they record their personal data (name, surname, sex, date of birth, etc.), contact details – useful for further communication (address, e-mail address, telephone number) and the specific date of possible infections (minimum data set for reporting a possible infection: Date of contact with a confirmed case, The confirmed case, Symptoms, Travel history and time, travel mode – airplane, bus, personal car, Airline number, Departure airport, Arrival airport, Place occupied in the plane, etc.). After filling the details, he/she receives access in the care monitoring application allowing him/ her to receive notifications, alerts, to be monitored daily and to report the relevant medical parameters (temperature, cough, breathing difficulties, etc.).


2. Video consultation / remote assistance

The suspected/isolated person can interact with the specialized medical personnel from a specialized support center through video conferences, without moving from the house (from self-isolation) and endangering other people. By avoiding the travel also the capacity of hospitals/emergency registration centers will be managed optimally. The medical staff in the specialized support center can fill in data from the video interview (clinical information, etc.) by completing electronic forms. The video call can also be registered for later review.


3. Daily monitoring the relevant parameters

The suspect, self-isolated at home, can fill in daily (through the daily monitoring option) thee relevant parameters (temperature, cough, difficult breathing, rhinorrhea, sore throat, general weakness, headache, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, etc.). The data, both individually and consolidated (by localities, counties, regions, nationally) can be consulted and interpreted, insights being obtained through intelligent analytics tools.


4. Informing persons in self-isolation

Through the application, people in self-isolation can receive official information and thus avoid the hysteria generated by fake, unverified news, distributed through all kinds of channels.

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Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

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