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Document Outsourcing Services


Companies, regardless of size or field of activity, generate and archive more documents than ever, in different formats. In this context of an increased volume of information, identifying new ways to organize, manage, protect and store confidential documents and information is a constant concern.

What we are good at

Star Storage offers a complete range of document processing services, based on our own software platforms: Star Capture, SEAL. Based on latest AI, ML and content intelligence technologies, Star Storage document processing services converts non-structured documents into valuable digital information, allowing businesses to power their digital transformation across business processes like never before.

Key features:

  • Advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to read and extract machine printed text
  • ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) feature for freeform hand-printed texts interprets all documents quickly and accurately.
  • Intelligent Content extraction based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Customized exception handling – documents with exceptions get routed to a queue for authorized personnel to resolve and then place back into the automated process.

Intelligent data extraction outsourcing / Data extraction as a Service

Traditional approach to OCR cannot manage (extract data) from handwriting or poor-quality machine-printed documents. While it can recognize all types of clearly printed characters, once the text becomes smudged or skewed, it no longer knows what it’s looking at. This means, while it can handle 80 percent of document workflows, humans must intervene to take care of the remaining 20 percent. The combination of AI (Artificial Intelligence), highly trained machine learning models and computer vision engines unlocks OCR’s ability to replicate the way humans are able to read low-quality documents.

There is a big diffreence between our current the ‘Data Extraction as a Service’ approach. Our current approach includes an on-premise package of software (StarCapture) used by the customer team (internal or outsourced), with a short-term commitment to data accuracy (project based). The second one includes a cloud-based offering (a package of software, hardware, capture, classification and integration services) with a long-term commitment to data accuracy.

Our Document Conversion Center

  • High production automatic document feeder scanner
  • High resolution large format scanners for fragile documents, old books and manuscripts
  • Large format scanners for large drawings
  • Redundant network, processing and storage infrastructure behind to support intensive operations
  • Highly trained / experienced team to manage large document conversion projects
  • Specialized personnel that can process large volumes of documents quickly and accurately
  • A location designed in compliance with the highest security requirements
  • Mature methodology (more than 20 years) and processes;
  • Significant expertise (more than 20 years) with complex projects in all field of expertise: financial, banking, industry, utilities, telecommunications, public sector
  • A team of advisers will help you choose an optimal solution to suit your specific needs


  • Document scanning and archiving
  • Invoice Processing
  • Purchase Orders Processing
  • Receipts and expense management
  • Contracts Processing
  • Medical Documents processing
  • Old books and manuscript scanning

Benefits for our customers:

  • Reduced processing costs
  • Faster time to value
  • Increased quality
  • Process optimization & standardization as a result of scale processing
  • Save valuable time of the team with reduced manual effort in data entry, paper routing, reminders and chasing calls
  • Consistent (real time) reporting

We’re here to help

With industry expertise in financial services, insurance, government, healthcare and more, we’re ready to help you exceed your potential. Fill out the contact form and we’ll get back to you.

Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

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ZERO-DISTANCE Business with
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