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Efficiently managing data is a real challenge for many companies

Companies, regardless of size or field of activity, generate and archive more documents than ever, in different formats. In this context of an increased volume of information, identifying new ways to organize, manage, protect and store confidential documents and information is a constant concern.


Challenges and problems

  • Paper documents can be lost or get damaged
  • Significant amount of time necessary for finding unstructured information
  • Slow distribution of information between authorized internal/ external users
  • High copying cost during the documentation process
  • Risk of losing electronic data managed by the company's applications
  • Collaboration difficulties when undertaking common projects
  • Inadequate decision making support
  • Workflow and activity coordination design difficulties
  • Cost related to the maintenance of specially set up locations for storage of the paper archive


  • Reduced processing costs
  • Process optimization & standardization
  • Save valuable time of accounts team with reduced manual effort in data entry, paper routing, reminders and chasing calls
  • Fewer exceptions and faster exception handling
  • Full integration with back-end financial systems
  • Better supplier relations and benefit from early payment discounts
  • Consistent (real time) reporting
  • Compliant document / invoices archiving

Star Storage Conversion Center

  • High performance, next generation technologies that enable work with any document regardless of its type, format, or degree of deterioration
  • Compliance with strict security requirements
  • Specialized personnel that can process large volumes of documents quickly and accurately
  • Significant expertise with complex projects in all field of expertise: financial, banking, industry, utilities, telecommunications, public sector
  • A team of advisers will hep you choose an optimal solution to suit your specific needs

Document outsourcing servicesDocument outsourcing servicesDocument outsourcing services




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Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

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