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What is SEAL?

Unified Information Governance, Archiving and Records Management.
  • An Enterprise Records Management System (retention management, file plan, controlled disposal and updates, advanced audit);

  • An Enterprise Unified Archive (storing with security, classification, navigation, searching and retrieving, viewing, sharing);

  • An end-to-end system for Hybrid Records Management – unified management for paper and electronic archive;

  • Content Productivity Hub with smart workflows, documents routing and approvals, assignments and task functionalities leveraging the power of metadata.

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Quickly learn how SEAL can help you find and share the entire content in your organization and how you can achieve compliance trough smart retention, security and eDiscovery.

Everything you need to know

At a fraction of the cost usually paid for classical ECM systems, SEAL is an enterprise information archiving system that enables you to capture, transform, index and securely manage your entire electronic archive, while still maintaining the necessary compliance and governance toolsets.


You can use SEAL for:
  • Paper conversion and archiving;
  • Electronic document archiving and records management;
  • Decommission legacy DMS/ECM and reduce maintenance costs;
  • Decommission legacy applications while keeping the content ready for later usage.


Value Proposition:
  • Designed for Business Users
    User experience designed for business / non-IT users. Business processes and not only functionalities.
  • Metadata Driven
    User Structure the unstructured content. Understand, store, protect, secure, manage, organize, search and share information like never before.
  • Connected
    Easy-to-implement integration with both On-Premises and Cloud applications for end-to-end flows.
  • Simple
    Powerful yet simple interface. Delivering the best user experience.
  • Mobile
    Native mobile clients for iOS and Android and CMIS implementation for total mobility.
  • Affordable
    Competitive pricing, fast implementation, rapid user adoption, low maintenance costs.
  • Security & Compliance
    Dynamic security rules based on metadata, compliant content sharing, content encryption and advanced legal holds.
  • Cloud
    Designed for cloud. Working on-premises or in hybrid environments.

Document & Metadata Management. Security and library services for business documents with unique fl­exible data management features, including metadata indexing. Advanced document search, retrieval and content sharing features with unlimited navigational perspectives.

Advanced Records Management/Compliance and Governance. Long-term archiving with integrated tools to sign, view, and use qualified certificates for digital signatures, using retention and compliance policies automation;

Content Capture, Image processing. Advanced document capture capabilities with unlimited OCR and automatic learning and embedded web based viewer.

E-Discovery. Preservation, review and analysis of electronically stored information, including advanced search and filtering of archived data. Features for legal holds, document folders with specific retention management and document collection sharing.

End-User Archiving and Access. Data archiving directly from your day by day systems (MS Outlook, File Systems) and mobile application for iOS and CMIS implementation to search, view and retrieve the archived data whenever and wherever you need.

Security and Access Control. Integration with LDAP authentication, security enforcement using access control lists, policies, security /classification levels; Dynamic security and AES content encryption and pervasive audit trails.

  • Paper conversion and archiving
    • Use the included state-of-the-art capture software to populate the archive;
    • Scan and index in 1 or many distributed locations, consolidate documents, and provide access to authorized personnel.
  • Electronic document archiving and records management
    • Store your computer generated documents (for example from ERP, CRM, or customer communication) for record keeping or service center support;
    • Records management – define file plan and retention periods for archived data depending on their own retention schedules, and manage disposition of archived data.
  • Unified Unstructured Content Repository for Line of Business Applications
    • Storing unstructured content generated by the Line of Business Applications and allowing access through the LoB applications user interface.
  • Decommission legacy DMS or ECM systems
    • Move passive content from legacy DMS or ECM, reduce maintenance cost and improve business users experience while keeping the content ready for discovery and usage as part of the business processes.
  • Decommission legacy applications
    • Support for data migration from legacy applications.
  • Microsoft Outlook archiving / records management
    • Import, “expand” and archive PST Files;
    • Declare emails as business records.
  • Microsoft SharePoint archiving / records management
    • Select and declare as corporate records active content stored in SharePoint.

Find out why we are different

  • Competitive Pricing
    • Competitive pricing vs. traditional DMS/ECM platforms. Capacity based licensing available (unlimited number of users).
  • Ready to Use Out of the Box
    • Due to uniquely flexible data management features, it can ingest, archive, and use any document, with any classification, from day 1 after the out-of-the-box installation.
  • Ready to Integrate
    • Own REST API;
    • Embrace open standards such as Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) and therefore content managed is accessible in non-proprietary format from any system or mobile device.
  • Cloud & Mobile Ready
    • Designed for Cloud and SaaS providers with multi-tenancy capabilities;
    • Based on own mobile application for iOS and CMIS implementation the users have the ability to easily view content using a variety of devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • Included document scanning with OCR
    • Embedded powerful document scanning (StarCapture Desktop) with unlimited OCR and automatic learning.
  • Dynamic adaptive data model (user self-service)
    • User-defined metadata schemas - dynamic adaptive data model for “IT independent” information governance - business users can store documents classified based on metadata schema defined by them (power users) without requiring prior help from IT department. Gain independence from IT while IT can maintain governance models.
  • “Dynamic Schema” Indexing
    • Strong content ingestion capabilities (files and metadata, document scanning and indexing, PST and emails from MS Exchange) with uniquely flexible data management features (no-schema).
  • Perspectives
    • Efficiently metadata-based browsing capabilities with unlimited hierarchical navigational views over the stored content with metadata driven views of documents (perspectives), rather than strict taxonomy based structures (no more fixed files and folders hierarchies). Business users can have personalized view (business user defined, without IT involvement) based on the content metadata.
  • Included internal viewer for documents
    • View PDFs, scanned images, Microsoft Word docs directly from SEAL. Web based and optimized for viewing large scans.
  • Document Collections - secured content sharing
    • Ability to define specific set of information based on specific needs (document collections) with advanced sharing capabilities (inside and outside the organization) while keeping information governance & control (the content doesn’t leave the repository). In terms of security SEAL provides more than just control lists (time-boxed security, dynamic security).
  • Powerful and flexible security rules
    • Built-in user management or integration with LDAP authentication;
    • Security enforcement by multiple algorithms: access control lists, policies, security / classification levels;
    • Dynamic Security - powerful and flexible security rules based on metadata;
    • Content encryption using AES.
  • Digital signatures
    • Long-term archiving with integrated tools to sign, view, and use qualified certificates for digital signatures in order to build and manage a compliant electronic archive.
  • Advanced records management
    • Enforce retention rules of business documents based on a records retention schedule, record-holds, file lifecycle management and enforced disposition if needed;
    • Automation of retention and compliance policies, ensuring legal, regulatory and industry compliance;
    • MS Outlook client to declare Outlook objects as corporate records.

Reference architecture

Delivery models

Business is no longer located in your corporate office, so why should your business documents be? You have the freedom to choose your ideal delivery model. Available both as a perpetual license for On Premises deployment as well as an On Demand cloud based delivery, you can choose what’s best for you.

On Premises

Choose On Premises deployment and use your existing infrastructure for building your private cloud leveraging the native SEAL multi-tenant features.

On Demand

Choose local cloud delivery from our EU Data Center powered by StarVault or global cloud with multiple data centers across the globe powered by Microsoft Azure.

Benefits for your business


Save money

Competitive pricing vs. traditional DMS/ECM platforms.


Increase Efficiency

Transform paper based processes into paperless.


One integrated solution

Archive anything, anytime without losing governance control over the content.


Free IT resources

Line of business users are able to use it without the need for specialized IT personnel.



Increase Compliance

Reduce company exposure and mitigate risks with a legal, regulatory and industry compliance electronic archive.

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