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Documents archiving outsourcing services

With the constantly increasing volume of information, companies are facing more and more problems in finding the right archiving solutions that will enable them to store important data and to make it accessible for future usage. At the beginning, companies relied mainly on physical archives, but nowadays they turned their attention towards professional electronic archiving services due to its numerous advantages.

Why choose Star Storage?

  • We have more than 14 years experience in documents archiving;
  • In September 2010 we consolidated our portfolio of archiving services under the brand StarHive.  StarHive offers professional outsourcing services for both physical documents including: archive inventory, transfer, storage, usage and also documents  conversion services (scanning, indexing, forms processing and invoices), analogical archiving (microfilming). All of this can be complemented afterwards with data transfer, document management applications and document based processes outsourcing (BPO);
  • We own the most complex documents conversion center from Central and Eastern Europe, a storage facility for physical documents fully equipped in accordance with the latest legal requirements and, most important,  a last generation data center. These production centers allows us to offer, at competitive prices, outsourcing services for converting electronic document on paper, services for storing and managing physical documents and managing services for the electronic archive with rapid information access via proprietary web-based applications.

Physical archives preparation services

Star Storage holds specialized expertise, last generation technologies and the needed experience in developing physical documents retention policies with a special focus on archiving confidential or secret documents.

Documents registration and management is a complex activity that requires special knowledge, especially considering that more and more companies are growing their electronic archives while continuing to hold and use the old physical archives.

We encourage the adoption of a centralized records management systems starting from the moment the documents are still active, having the highest value for the organization. We offer specialized consultancy services to those companies that don't have and don't intend to develop in house skills.

Physical archive consultancy according to Romanian Law
Record Management covers all types of existing documents – invoices, contracts, letters, blanks, e-mails, electronic records, photographs, maps, technical drawings and special documents.

Registration and document management is a complex activity that requiresspecialized knowledge, especially considering that more and more companies are turning to specific infrastructure development for electronic archives while continuingto hold  physical archives.

We encourage centralized document management from the moment they are active, having a high value for organization. We offer professional consulting services to companies that are not having and are not intending to develop in house skills.

Government policy consulting work with documents
The ongoing of services, of operation and uninterrupted technological resources is permanently threatened by the new technologies, by the evolution of the processes and the new business opportunities.

Nowadays few organizations are allowing expensive disconnection of activities.

By integrating new information technologies into processing services, transmission and storage of data, have come out some threats and vulnerabilities of information systems. These vulnerabilities are not affecting only electronic information but the engine of an organization which can be represented by the approach of archiving physical documents.

To throw down these negative aspects Star Storage has developed a proactive approach based on risk assessment which includes preventive, detective and corrective controls to reduces such risks and ensure the necessary support along the process of change and implementation of ensure mechanism of operation and business continuity and security.


Physical documents archiving services

Star Storage Records Archiving and Management Services are the only of its kind in Romania that enable proactive management of your company records throughout their entire lifecycle. We do that by linking you physical and electronic documents in what we call a complete Hybrid Archiving System, powered by a complex IT application internally developed by our professional team.

Here are some of the advantages that you'll obtain by outsourcing the physical archiving services and records management services:

  • Eliminate the risk of physical loss or destruction of your company's documents;
  • Have a complete picture of the documents your organization produces and stores;
  • Reduce legal and operational risks by integrating information in a single point of access;
  • Archived physical records are prepared and then digitized more easily helping the organizations move towards an electronic documents repository.

Star Storage physical records management services consists of the following components:

  • Physical archive preparation services;
  • Warehousing and operating archives in physical format;
  • Collection and secure documents destruction services.

Physical documents archiving services The Romanian legislation requires that archiving physical documents to be done by respecting existent regulations (no metallic parts, folders must have a standard label format), and because of that Star Storage provides Physical Documents Archiving services according to Law.



Physical documents archiving services are divided into:

  • Records Archiving and Management Services
    • Sorting Records Service;
    • Archiving records group services due to the Archives List;
    • Binding and filing services for records in archival units;
    • Numbering Tab Services.
  • Stocktaking records
    • Sticking labels on the spine and records face;
    • Writing content on the spine and records face;
    • Manually inventory of the archive.


Collecting and secured destruction of physical documents services
A complete service for collecting and secured destruction of physical documents according to Romanian legislation that help companies to reduce negative exposure and risk of inadequate protection of the data that are no longer in use.

Daily, there are thrown, in an uncontrolled way, business plans, marketing strategies, lists of strategic customers drafts, notes, legal documents and many other physical documents that may contain confidential information that could endanger the company's positioning into market.


Maintain the privacy of information within the company, collect responsible all records that are issued in physical format according to Romanian Law!

 StarHive Secure Office is a complete service that allows you to collect documents right from the client's center and to securely destruct them, with no more worry about the possibility of existing security breaches or high costs for supplementary operations.

With StarHive Secure Office you can be sure that data you don't use anymore are private and no unauthorized person will have access to it.

Collecting and secured destruction of physical documents process is a simple process by following a predetermined flow, having in time traceability and control. Paper waste is deposited by the customer into a sealed and inserts container provided by Star Storage.


StarHive complete services:

  • Collecting and secured destruction of physical documents services;
  • Electronic document conversion services on paper;
  • Information retrieval services from physical documents;
  • Archive processing services (organizing physical document according to Romanian Law, including the archive selection for destruction);
  • Storage services for physical archive.


Documents conversion services

Within many organizations - financial bank institutions, public institutions or private companies, the services offered by Star Storage for digital conversion and data extraction from different types of forms helps the operational departments and the IT system managers to automate most of the paper based processes, with the outcome of enhancing the accuracy level of the data extracted and the reduction of the time used for this activity.


Our Documents scanning services transforms the paper records into electronic information using state-of-the-art scanning techniques, allowing for instant access to all of your electronic documents with the click of a mouse. Built in redundancy provides a 100 percent guarantee that your mission-critical electronic documents will be safe and easy to find.


We process your documents with trained archiving operators working under our qualified, experienced supervisors. We'll even provide you with scanning equipment on a short- or long-term basis as needed.


Document Control and security procedures, including a detailed audit trail using our own imaging software (Star Capture), maintain the confidentiality and integrity of your documents and ensure that they are returned to you or to your designated storage facility intact and in their original order.


Electronic documents are created by scanning paper records and storing them digitally for immediate retrieval and unlimited sharing of documents across the organization.  Scanned documents can be loaded into your document management system or housed in our own Secure Electronic Archiving Library (SEAL) allowing the customers to have instant shared access without installing any software


Form data capture
Regardless of the field of activity or the size of your company, business processes are based on data and information, most of them being unstructured. Most times, the data consist of more or less standard forms which have to be entered in IT applications, relational databases, a manual process that is time consuming and faces a high risk of error.


Within many organizations - financial bank institutions, public institutions or private companies, the Star Storage services of digital conversion and collection of data from forms help the operational departments and IT systems managers to automate the process of extracting the data from forms, with the outcome of enhancing the accuracy level of the data extracted and the reduction of the time used for this activity.

By using Star Storage services, one may enjoy the advantages presented by one's own system of collection of data from forms, without having to invest in costly software equipment and licenses.


Star Storage services of digital conversion and professional processing of forms present the following advantages:

  1. Reducing the time for collecting the data from forms in relational databases
  2. The accuracy of the data collected from forms
  3. The possibility to archive an electronic copy of the form
  4. The elimination of investments in software solutions used for data collection, in the specialization of the personnel or the employment of specialized personnel

The Star Storage services involve:

  • The projection of forms;
  • The scanning of forms;
  • Automatic identification of forms;
  • Checking the image quality;
  • Processing images (straightening images, cropping images, elimination of background, recovering characters, etc);
  • The collection of data using advanced technologies as OCR (print writing recognition), ICR (handwriting recognition) and OMR (recognition of barcodes, check box type);
  • Verification and validation of the accuracy of data from forms;
  • Export data from various applications using relational databases or document management systems and workflows.

In this way, data is recorded in relational databases and used by your organization applications (ERP, CRM type, etc). Meanwhile, in the process of export, in addition to the extracted data, you can also export the resulting images, electronic copies of documents, which can be effectively managed through specialized applications for document management and electronic archive management.

Electronic records management services

Use the information at its true value with Star Storage electronic archiving and digital conversion services.
We provide Electronic Documents Archiving Outsourcing Services, based on well established processes, reducing the volume of documents in physical format used by a company and also reducing the costs associated with paper archiving processes, eliminating the risk of loss or deterioration of documents and, most important, reducing the time required to retrieve certain information.
In addition, by using Star Storage electronic archive services you'll increase the control of the processes in which the company documents are used and also, shorten the time needed to take decisions or to respond to your customer's requests.
Documents conversion services from physical to electronic format involves several successive stages, starting with inventory and transportation of documents in maximum safety conditions, documents preparation, scanning and indexing and ending with storing images on any type of storage medium or integrating it with Enterprise Content Management systems (ECM) or Professional Archiving Repositories. For each of these steps, we offer specific services and a professional team that will ensure a successful project.


Documents records services on physical documents

Documents conversion services

Star Storage Conversion Center allows digital conversion, protection and access to data captured from any document including: scanning, images correction, documents recognition, extraction and information recognition from images, and also applying and export of barcodes in necessary formats for future access to the stored archive.


Conversion of  physical documents intro electronic format 

Star Storage Conversion Center allows digital conversion, protection and access to captured information form any documents, no matter their type, format or state of usage. Having the capacity to process over one million documents per day, Star Storage Conversion Center is one of the largest centers of this kind from Central and Eastern Europe. With a total area of over 1000 square meters and more the 200 workstations, this center enables digital conversion, protection and access to captured data.


Workflows are continuously monitored by complex physical and informational security systems so that we can guarantee to our customers fully compliance of availability and confidentiality of the information we process. This is guaranteed by the existence of certifications in quality management (ISO9001), information security management (ISO 27001), IT service management (ISO 20000-1) and business continuity management (ISO 22301).

Document scanning is carried out by using high productivity professional equipment's form vendors such us: Kodak, Zeutschel and Contex which allows both scanning a large volume of documents in a relative short time and document protection through innovative contactless scanning technologies or cold light scan.


EG – Electronic archiving – general reference material
You can benefit from all the necessary electronic archiving tools in digital format. By implementing ISIA platform, Star Storage provides integrated hybrid archive management services. Hybrid archive concept relates to the maintenance and integrated management of physical and electronic mail archive.


The access to such archives is achieved through a solution for integrated records management that facilitates reference of documents in a single, centralized, secure, simplified regardless the form it is having lower costs that any other form of storage. Thus, hybrid archives are managed by one professional team, from Romania.


The management of physical archives can be done through ISIA platform in parallel with digital information both in front (production place) end and back end (electronic archive for physical documents). The information is sent quickly to workflows so that authorized users can access real time information regardless the place where they are.

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Support your business activities using EG - Electronic archiving - general reference material through.

  • Reduce costs related to archiving by converting physical records in electronic archives;
  • Long term storage of official documents according Romanian legislation for archiving;
  • Reducing the impact on work environment by encouraging the use of electronic documents in the processes that traditionally require the use original physical format.


Electronic archiving - general reference Service supports various data formats and efficient management and includes the management of any information format providing specific functions for common files and encouraging the use of opened standards for electronic archiving like PDF/A.

To optimize used storage space, where data formats is allowed, EG- Electronic archiving - general reference material Service can implement compression capabilities of data streamlining in the same time both hardware and existing communication infrastructure.


EF- Electronic archiving emitted invoices
For storage of records in electronic format we provide native support for storage international standard of electronic records regarding archiving PDF/A.



Regarding integration with other services, if you choose electronic general archiving solutions, there are generated through innovative integration of components and the possibility of creating virtual files by the providers, leading to a significant increase of the access speed to unified information and a lower level of reuse of records.


Integration with issuance functions allows information the possibility to distribute invoices to customers. This need is specific to organizations that have high volume customers (for example Communication or utilities companies) that want to offer online access to emitted invoices. The innovative element of this package is that by emitted integration, storage and issuance, are got reduced costs compared to the traditional approach, which creates the possibility of increasing companies competition.


EF Electronic archiving emitted invoices solution benefit:

  • Management of invoices electronic archiving according to Romanian Law- allows the signing and countersigning of invoices with qualified certificate, timestamp and their archives on WORM devices accessible online;
  • Searching records - simple or advanced, all is possible. Navigation based on perspectives allows fast grouping of documents;
  • Invoices access from external systems like Customer Portal, CRM, ERP, using the CMIS standard;
  • Elaboration of records collection with limited access, restricted and control for supervisors.


ET – electronic archive emitted invoices

Solution for managing the lifecycle of technical records, engineering projects and infrastructure maintenance need the support of technical documentation used for reference both for office and outside the office activities. The solution simplifies different activities and tasks like planning certificate, rehabilitation projects, network modifications, installations, technical expertise, geotechnical and impact studies.


Specific possibilities of navigation and recovering information comprised in the technical documents.

The defining elements of this services are given by specific possibilities of navigation and recovering of information (technical information has specific organizational requirements to be followed in order to obtain increased ergonomics)as well as possibilities to view information.

The features of ET - Electronic archiving - technical records:

  • Management of technical records - enables hierarchical organization of records closely to equipment structure (stations, units, buildings, pipeline);
  • Search records - simple or advanced, everything is possible. Navigation based on perspectives allows fast grouping of documents;
  • Metadata records adding and editing - upload and export of records group is useful functionality as manipulation of large documents. (as an example, more than 100.000 produced and edited documents in a single worklist), supporting projects enterprise;
  • Security - security rules enable collaboration between technical documentation department with engineers and other employees;
  •  Optimized viewer for accessing large online records specific to technical documentation.

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