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Star Storage provides a wide range of strategic IT services, starting from complete IT operations to support services for an application or a singular system in order to help clients to enhance flexibility and efficiency, to reduce costs and maximize employees’ productivity.

Our offer of services

Facing the increasing necessity to improve speed, capacity, reliability and security, many companies started to reevaluate their IT infrastructure. The externalization of activities that are not defining for the business, but which are, however, very important to it, as for instance the operation of the IT system leads to a reduction in the operational costs and the improvement of business processes.

The Star Storage offer of IT service management may be a solution to the externalization of IT activities. The collaboration with our specialists ensure the access to high level competences, reducing at the same time the operational costs and freeing the resources that may be used more efficiently in the specific domains of your business.


Our offer of IT management services includes help desk and call center, recovery after disasters, protection and continuity of business, crucial elements for minimizing the non-operation times of vital processes of your business. Among the IT management services are those of providing application services, which enable you to access (without having to purchase) advanced applications. Our web and data hosting services, which include storage management and remote management of databases are administered and distributed to clients via a WAN network from a central location.


The clients that wish to entrust to another company such important services request reliability and flexibility, the use of the best methodologies in the field and the permanent availability of the service. Due to our firm commitment to team work and to the business objectives of our clients, the Star Storage team of IT service management shall meet all these requirements.

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Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

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ZERO-DISTANCE Business with
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