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What is disaster recovery / business continuity?

Star Storage DR/BC solutions mainly refer to the creation of a secondary remote location, similarly equipped to the main location.

Business continuity represents a serious subject for all enterprises, regardless of their field of activity, from the point of view of competitiveness, profitability and position on the market. An enterprise's ability to maintain its vital activities after or during a disaster, as well as the speed with which it can restore its total functionality can make the difference between success and bankruptcy. Operational continuity is all the more relevant for an enterprise operating in a field of activity exposed to IT risks such as finance, telecommunications, utilities and the public sector. In this context, the well designed and planned solutions for the DR/BC processes become critical for a modern enterprise with a complex IT&C infrastructure.

  • Ensuring business continuity in case of disaster;
  • Protecting critical production data exposed to IT risks;
  • Efficient deployment of DR&BC plans;
  • Ensuring the RTO and RPO parameters imposed by the business environment specific to each enterprise;
  • Compliance with legal regulations regarding data protection.

Star Storage DR/BC solutions involves the creation of a secondary remote location with equipment equivalent to that of the main location. This secondary location will be able to take over the entire activity should the first one be partially or totally destroyed, or in case the main location is malfunctioning or unavailable.

Nowadays, the most reliable and technologically advanced solution for the DR/BC processes is based on the consolidation of storage capacity, by installing at least two SAN (Storage Area Network) storage networks, one in the company's main office (with the servers whose data need to be protected), and the other in a backup location, situated at a significant distance from the first one. The storage equipment that can be installed and shared through a SAN storage network include, among others, tape libraries and magnetic disk storage systems. The consolidation of storage capacity through SAN storage networks allows the deployment of DR/BC solutions by replicating data at whatever distance, through disk storage systems, without affecting the production servers.

In case of malfunctions or unavailability of IT systems or of disaster, the business can immediately be transferred to the second location, thus ensuring the continuity of your business. Your data is available in any moment and can be accessed by your personnel or customers.
Star Storage, in collaboration with its partners, Hitachi Data Systems, EMC, VMware, Quantum, and FalconStor Software, offers complete DR/BC solutions.

  • Lower risk of data loss;
  • Ensuring business continuity;
  • Compliance with legal regulations on data protection;
  • The possibility of disaster recovery in the shortest time possible.

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Stop COVID-19! Work DIGITAL with ZERO risks

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