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What is server virtualization?

A rapid development of the number of applications is underway due to the evolution and expansion of work activities. The information volume in electronic format and the power necessary for processing this information, on the application level, grows exponentially. Inevitably, the size of the hardware infrastructure is also constantly growing, which raises a multitude of problems and associated additional costs.Star Storage, data management solutions and services leader, solves these problems by offering complete virtualization solutions: production server virtualization, desktop virtualization and storage virtualization. These solutions are based on professional top products and partnerships with internationally renowned producers.

Challenges and problems

  • Inefficient use of the physical space in data centers
  • Inefficient use of hardware equipment due to the large number of business applications that must run on dedicated computer systems
  • Greater costs associated to the management and maintenance of data center equipment
  • Difficult migration of applications from older servers to new ones by interrupting the business activities for a considerable time
  • Data protection, ensuring a high level of application availability and deployment of disaster recovery and business continuity solutions

Star Storage solutions

Star Storage, a leader in data management solutions and services, solves these problems by offering complete virtualization solutions: production servers virtualization, desktop virtualization and storage virtualization. These solutions are based on professional top products and partnerships with established producers from this field.

Server virtualization

The virtualization is a software technology that fundamentally changes the way in which IT platforms for business applications are designed. The well-known x86 hardware systems were designed to run on a single operating system and on a single application. This leads to a decreased usage of hardware resources on most x86 systems.

The virtualization allows for the creation of several virtual machines on a single physical server, by sharing the computing resources (processors, internal memory, PCI adapters/slots) between several operating systems and applications. Different virtual machines can run different operating systems and multiple applications on the same physical server.

  • increased number of applications
  • inefficient use of hardware resources
  • increased power consumption in data centers
  • inefficient use of the available physical space
  • impossibility to control downtime windows in case of hardware malfunctions
  • difficult software installation and configuration operations
  • difficult deployment of centralized disaster recovery solutions

Through its partnership with VMware, Star Storage offers the most popular virtualization software suite for the optimization and management of IT platform, from workstations to Data Center infrastructures: VMware vSphere.

VMware vSphere suite

VMware Infrastructure increases the level of dynamism, efficiency and availability of the IT environment. By eliminating the hardware limitations, the VMware technology allows companies to:

  • Consolidate production servers. The VMware vSphere technology is able to consolidate up to 10 server-type virtual machines per physical processor, thus considerably increasing the usage capacity of the physical server.
  • Make use of activity continuity (business continuity) solutions at lower costs by deploying a hardware platform allowing several virtual production servers to run, servers which can be later recovered in case of hardware breakdown
  • Deploy and test new software applications through the consolidation of development and testing environments.
  • Secure and manage workstations.
  • Simplify the operations of computing resources allocation through software automation mechanisms.
  • Host operating systems and old applications, thus ensuring better performances and reliability.


  • Increased usage of hardware equipment
  • Lower costs per rack space and for power consumption, and also the simplification, automation and centralization of IT resources.
  • Business continuity and increased application availability by eliminating the reliance on hardware systems and operating systems.
  • Maintenance of the IT infrastructure without interrupting the production applications, by migrating them between different hardware systems.
  • Considerably reduces the software installation and configuration operations.
  • Improves the response time of IT services through the dynamic allocation of computing resources according to the needs of business applications.
  • Allows older IT systems to coexist on the current hardware platforms.
  • hProtection of the investment for existing servers

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VMware (NYSE:VMW), the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, delivers customer-proven solutions that accelerate IT by reducing complexity and enabling more flexible, agile service delivery. VMware enables enterprises to adopt a cloud model that addresses their unique business challenges.

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